New Tables in Prasadam Hall

More improvements to the Prasadam Hall include the recent purchase of new stainless steel tables with contributions from the following donors:

Damodar Gopal das & Radha-Krishna devi dasi gave 700$, Michel Prete 500$ and Lilasuka devi dasi 400$ for a total of 1600$

They are all enthusiastic to see improvements to the Temple. Keep tuned to find out how you can also help.


Bhaktimarga Swami in Montreal

We were fortunate to have an ecstatic, albeit short, visit from His Holiness Bhaktimarga Swami this month of June.

On June 12th, after a rocking kirtan lead by Laksminath das, Maharaj gave the Sunday feast lecture and spoke about the Hare Krishna Rathayatra, our upcoming major festival.  He also read from a new biography of Srila Prabhupada, “Miracle on Second Avenue”, written by Mukunda Goswami, one of the great pioneers in ISKCON’s history and development.  This new book is available on

Maharaj had to leave early to work on a new play which we will see at our Hare Krishna Rathayatra festival on July 9th and 10th.

For more information about Bhaktimarga Swami’s activities, visit his blog.

Bhakti-Raghava Swami in Montreal

On Saturday, June 4th, at the home program of his disciple, Taruni devi dasi, he showed a short video* about the benefits of living in a rural setting versus the frailties of living in modern cities.

The next day, Maharaj gave brahminical initiation to Taruni devi dasi and Shyama-Rupa das, who have both been rendering steady service to Sri Sri Radha-Manohar for many years. Congratulations to them!

We are looking forward to his next visit at the end of July. 

For more information about Maharaj’s projects please visit

* For soft copies of this video and other related material that Maharaj shared, please contact Damodar Gopal das at:

Radha-Manohara’s Flower Garden

Flowers in the GardenThe spring planting in our garden is now complete thanks to the hard work of many devotees!

Madhurya Rasa devi dasi as usual keeps us on schedule while Ekanath das and Vedavyasa das have taken charge and organized it.  Of course, it could not have happened without the assistance of Kisori, Sonny, Nirmal and Émilie.

Thanks to them for facilitating home-grown flower offerings for Sri Sri Radha-Manohara.